Keep Calm and Carry on, Eric

12th Oct - 24th Oct

Keep Calm and Carry on, Eric

Eric is back. Now that Bev has moved in with Eric he needs to take the most drastic action – yes, he needs to get a job. It comes in the form of a Caretaker’s job at the community centre where a local band rehearse each week. He volunteers to be their Manager and sees it as a separate source of income that Bev doesn’t need to know about.

What could go wrong? Everything, and it does, but, as usual, with great hilarity and a host of ’60s hits! Isn’t about time you had something to cheer you up?

Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes, no interval

*This show is currently available via our Box Office Team only as we are in the process of contacting customers who had tickets for Eric’s Full Monty. Online sales will be available soon!