Angela Carter’s The Company of Wolves

21st May - 13th Jun

Angela Carter’s The Company of Wolves

An extraordinary retelling of Angela Carter’s iconic fantasy
Adapted and directed by Theresa Heskins


Imaginative staging, evocative soundscapes and spectacular aerial movement combine as Theresa Heskins uses her trademark theatrical invention to bring Angela Carter’s gripping horror story to life.
In this rare stage version, The Company of Wolves is filled with danger, desire and suspense – a story of terror and transformation unlike anything you have experienced before.

“Fear and flee the wolf…”

A dark night, in the grip of midwinter. A sense of foreboding fills the air. A girl sets off for grandmother’s house. A wolf howl echoes around the forest…

Her fellow townsfolk tell tales of beasts who hunger for blood and darkness, prowling the edges of the forest path, waiting for victims. But Red Riding Hood doesn’t believe in fear. Strong-minded, armed with a carving knife and a cunning mind, she feels invincible. A chance meeting with a huntsman turns an innocent journey into a seductive and terrifying race.

Locked in a battle of wills, who will win the race and claim their victim?

The Company of Wolves is adapted from Angela Carter’s renowned radio play and novella – an enticing drama of epic proportions.