E-commerce 1: A fun, no techno-babble guide to having a go with ecommerce

18th Jun

E-commerce 1: A fun, no techno-babble guide to having a go with ecommerce

Fifth in a series of 10 online webinars, supporting Micro & SMEs to Survive and Thrive.

Featuring Entrepreneurs in Residence from Staffordshire University

Speakers Emily Whitehead of Simply Great Britain

and Jonathan Westlake, Director of Wavemaker Stoke

Facilitator : Kat Taylor Lecturer in Marketing of Staffordshire Business School

Chair: Professor Jon Fairburn of Staffordshire Business School.

In times like these cash generation is vital and during this webinar we examine how a micro or small business can exploit e-commerce technology. E-commerce has been around for years, but statistics show that take up is still low amongst micro and small businesses. This session and a follow up webinar addresses this by giving you practical tools and examples to consider as part of an initial e-commerce strategy and specification of services.

• What is an e-commerce presence and how does it differ from a website?

• What are you getting involved with? Development by DIY? Outsource? Which way to go?

• Free (open source solutions), functionality and limitations.

• A step by step detailed walkthrough using screen grabs from a live, open source e-commerce solution (SimpleSite.com), dipping your toe in the water with no expense.

• Cash is king! Payment solutions and commissions quick review.

• How to create an e-commerce project strategy and specification document template.

• What you need to think about and good questions to ask.

The panel will also answer questions (live or send in advance)

Email any questions for the panel to jon.fairburn@staffs.ac.uk

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