Eric’s Full Monty – New Vic

23rd Aug - 4th Sep

Eric’s Full Monty – New Vic

David Graham Productions
Unbelievably, Eric is settling down. He’s moved in with Bev and everything is going as well as can be expected in the land of domestic bliss. Everything except money that is.

Eric’s starting to worry, but Bev’s got a plan – a plan to get rich quick. Their own version of The Chippendales. Eric dismisses it as nonsense and wants nothing to do with it but when Bev surrounds herself with four hunky young men and he’s left out he changes his mind and wants in.

When the night comes though, will Eric and the boys be brave enough to do….the ‘full monty’?

Or will they leave their hats on?

Whatever happens this is a show you won’t want to miss, full of sensational ’60s music, loads of laughter and some Hot Stuff that’ll make you smile!

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