Final in a series of 10 online webinars, supporting Micro & SMEs to Survive and Thrive.

16th Jul

Final in a series of 10 online webinars, supporting Micro & SMEs to Survive and Thrive.

This webinar is designed to help you understand that uncertainty is a constant which exists for businesses and creates risk. Planning for uncertainty and learning from past experiences shape the response in the future. Response to the impact of circumstances beyond control make all the difference. Its about identifying and assessing risk plus learning from other businesses and contextualizing your response to the issue at hand. This webinar will cover:

• Understanding uncertainty and its impact on businesses

• How to carry out proactive planning, identify risks, use risk ranking and inform business decisions

• Understand that circumstances will change and responses to the risks faced by businesses makes all the difference. Be able to utilize relevant change management techniques.

• Developing a learning culture in your business making use of business intelligence tools to monitor and evaluate risk.

• Understanding how you can align the staff with the changes being made to cater to the business risk

• Learning from others: Case studies and contextualizing the response needed for your own Business

• Adapting your Business to the ‘new’, managing risk and framing your long term strategy to sustain yourself

The panel will also answer questions (live or send in advance)

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