Sixth in a series of 10 online webinars, supporting Micro & SMEs to Survive and Thrive.

25th Jun

Sixth in a series of 10 online webinars, supporting Micro & SMEs to Survive and Thrive.

In this session we drill down into further aspects of e-commerce implementation considerations again without techno babble. The aim is to equip you with the ability to inform your decision making on whether e-commerce is for you in the short/medium/long term and how to go about it. The mantra as in e-commerce 1 is to look at the opportunity cost of not doing e-commerce, minimise spend and generate income.

We will highlight key areas, and these include:

• Budget for e-commerce

• How much for an e-commerce site? What should your budget be?

• Maintenance considerations in the budget model. Creation is one thing, looking after it is a hidden cost and essential.

• Your commitment and time considerations and how that influences which solution to follow. We look at number in the webinar

• Subscription e-commerce services

• A walkthrough of Rhino e-commerce solution using screen grabs from a mock- up e-commerce site

• Other solutions

• Turnkey solutions and what that entails

• Professional paid version of SimpleSite, what extra to you get from the free version.

• More complicated DIY solutions

• WordPress and e-commerce plug ins.

• Mal’s e-commerce

• Payment solutions, payment service providers (PSP)

• PayPal for Business, a walkthrough and security

• Others, best of breed, lowest commission is not the only factor

Your Products and services for e-commerce:

• What to select from your portfolio?

• Media considerations e.g. photography

• Listings and other merchandising considerations

• Packaging and delivery solutions with comparison of costs

The panel will also answer questions (live or send in advance)

Email any questions for the panel to

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