How to Get Involved

Invitation to become a BID Member


You are invited to become a member of the Newcastle-Under-Lyme BID Ltd, the registered company limited by guarantee, which is charged with the responsibility for delivering the Business Improvement District Plan (2015-2019).

Membership of Newcastle-Under-Lyme BID Ltd is open and free to all Newcastle-Under-Lyme Business Improvement District levy payers and offers you the opportunity to vote on all BID Company issues arising at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Who is entitled to become a BID member?
Only representatives from businesses in the Newcastle-Under-Lyme BID area who are BID levy payers.
What does it mean to be a BID member?
Only registered members of Newcastle-Under-Lyme BID Ltd (individuals representing a business levy payer) are entitled to attend AGMs and any other “members only” meetings. Each business is entitled to one member and one vote on matters affecting the BID on behalf of your business.
Other ways to become involved
Being a member of Newcastle-Under-Lyme BID Ltd is not the only way to become involved in the BID. The BID actively encourages as many Newcastle-Under-Lyme businesses as possible to get involved and influence the way in which the BID business plan is implemented by being a part of one of the working groups that cover the main project areas, or by contacting the Newcastle-Under-Lyme BID Project Manager to offer your ideas and input.

Keeping in touch
We make every effort to keep you informed and up to date on matters affecting the Newcastle-Under-Lyme and the work of the BID including the quarterly newsletters, fortnightly e-Bulletins, Twitter and Facebook posts and regular visits from our BID Ambassadors. If you are not receiving information and would like to, please contact the Newcastle-Under-Lyme BID Office on the details below.

To become a member please complete the enclosed form and send it to the address at the bottom of the page or email to:
Tel 01782 922712

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