Newcastle BID Renewal 2021-2026 – Message from the Chair

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, the national economy is in uncertain times and what-ever happens, many challenges lie ahead and the commercial world continues to change at an ever-increasing pace. It is probable that many of these changes will have a permanent impact upon the way in which town and city centres across the UK operate.

Even before COVID, Newcastle-under-Lyme was exposed, to the same changes facing other towns and city centres, and the scale of change facing larger cities and towns is even greater but for smaller towns such as Newcastle, there are new opportunities emerging.

In many respects Newcastle-under-Lyme is ideally placed to take advantage of these opportunities and develop into a safe, welcoming and forward-thinking town for the whole community.

It should take advantage of its heritage, its distinctiveness and its relatively attractive environment both within the town centre and its surrounding area to create a greater sense of community, both of businesses and organisations and the local residents it serves.

The Newcastle-under-Lyme BID is your collective voice but the BID recognises that its role needs to change from one which acts simply as a delivery mechanism to one which works with, supports, facilitates and coordinates others to make the most of all the skills, experience and knowledge which exists locally. It needs to be a catalyst for change and influence representing your interests.

By working with others representing business interests, its collective voice will not only have more impact but will have more ability to make those changes which are necessary to support all businesses in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

It is our chance to work together to help Newcastle-under-Lyme to reach its full potential. With your involvement we will be able to provide the projects and support you need now more than ever. We urge you to look carefully at this new BID proposal and give it your full support.

So please look out for the BID ballot papers which will be in the post later this month and make sure that you tick the box that says ‘YES’ to turn this opportunity into a reality for Newcastle-under-Lyme.