The Magical Mystery of Coppelia Turns the New Vic Theatre into a Magical Summer Wonderland

The New Vic Theatre has been turned into a magical summer wonderland for its production of Coppelia – A Mystery which will entertain families from Friday 16th July to Saturday 7th August.

An adaptation of the 19th century ballet Coppelia and directed by New Vic Artistic Director Theresa Heskins, Coppelia – A Mystery begins behind the New Vic, immersing its audience immediately in the magical world that the talented staff  have created.  The garden area has been transformed into a woodland trail and a parade of enchanting shops with the most magical Victorian window displays are complimented by stunning floral planters and atmospheric music.

The parade, which begins as soon as you enter under an archway features wooden huts transformed into the workshop of Dr Coppelius and leads its audience to the central focus of the mysterious Dr Coppelius’s toyshop.   In a magical clearing of bunting and fairy lights, we’re introduced to the curious and colourful Swanhilde.   A vivacious young lady who loves to dance and collects dolls and has her eye on a particular lifesize doll who dances in the window of Dr Coppelius shop at the same time everyday.

Swanhilde’s curiousity takes us on an intimate journey around and inside the newly refurbished theatre and back out again as she attempts to discover what Dr Coppelius is hiding in his workshop, meaning the public are fully immersed in the narrative of the story and creates wonderful interactions throughout the hour long show.

Originally intended to be the New Vic’s festive offering, the set has been lovingly redesigned to be fit for a summers day, with a number of tweaks to the set and costume after the show couldn’t in fact go on due to Covid restrictions being imposed in 2020.

New Vic Artistic Director Theresa Heskins says “Nothing brings us more joy than seeing all generations of a family delighting in a show together, so creating theatre for family audiences is an important part of our theatre-making. This year it feels more important than ever to give families unique experiences to treasure: for us to inspire imaginations, offer adventures, and to rediscover the power of theatre to bring people together.”

Coppelia is bought to life by its small but talented cast, which includes Corinna Brown as Swanhilde, Michael Hugo as Dr Coppelius, Kira McPherson as Coppelia and Farhaan Shah as Armadeus.

The show is an endearing welcome back into the world of theatre and truly celebrates the home-produced work of the New Vic, who have some exciting shows planned for the rest of 2021 and into 2022.

Coppelia – A Mystery will be performed from Friday 16 July to Saturday 7 August 2021.  For more information and to book tickets visit the New Vic Theatre website.

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